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Beverly Hills Subdivision, the first Residential Subdivision in Antipolo-Taytay, was inaugurated in 1964. It has a total land area of about 123 hectares. It was originally a mango plantation prior to being converted into a residential community. Beverly Hills Subdivision prides itself for being an environment-friendly community and is home to a number of birds, reptiles and mammals. At the highest point of the community, one can have a peek at Metro Manila which is loveliest at dawn. One can also go hiking and see the enchanting waterfalls of Tungtong River.

Beverly Hills is governed by ‘Beverly Hills Homeowners Association Inc.’ (BHHA) which was incorporated in December 1964.

The Association

The purpose of this Association is to provide and/or maintain community facilities and to facilitate the delivery of adequate social services and economic advantages for the association to improve the quality of life and well-being of its members, on a non-profit basis consonant with the provisions set forth on its Articles of Incorporation.


Beverly Hills Subdivision boasts a beautiful natural environment. Nature lovers will be fascinated at the variety of wildlife within the community as well as enjoy the beauty of open grassy spaces, variety of trees, breathtaking cascading waterfalls and picturesque view of the city. It is a peaceful community that features a number of establishments such as a small grocery store, restaurants/cafes and resorts.

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